React UI libraries to try in 2021

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Mantine 2.0

This library offers ‘fully featured React components and hooks’, which are customizable and make it easy and fast to get an accessible application up and running.

  • use-toggle — to switch between states
  • use-form — to manage forms, including handlers to set and validate values
  • use-click-outside — to detect click/touch events outside a designated element
  • use-window-scroll — returns current scroll position and a function to scroll to a specified position
  • use-scroll-lock — scroll is locked at the current location

Windmill UI

Based on Tailwind CSS, Windmill UI is a great option for quick development of easily customizable and accessible (it is built listening to a real screen reader) interfaces as well. Tailwind, a utility-first CSS framework, allows you to never leave your HTML as you style.



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